Booking Procedure

Booking Procedure Right from the confirmation for booking till final delivery, there are several steps involved.

1. Indenting
2. Receipt of Cargo
3. Collection of documents
4. Special instructions from client, if any
5. Documentation by Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd
6. Handling of cargo
7. Transportation of cargo
8. Delivery Schedules
9. Invoicing
10. Payments for the services
11. Statutory compliances


Customer wishing to avail our services shall book their cargo by placing an indent with us. Through this document customer confirms the transportation of cargo through Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd. The indent is a document mentioning the origin, destination, type of cargo, contents, weight, expected date of requirement at the loading point, service type and payment mode. There are four types of services, viz, Terminal – Terminal, / Door – Terminal / Terminal – Door / Door – Door.

This document is a pre printed one and is made available to the client at the time of confirmation itself. Usually indent is accompanied by a token amount of advance deposit, which will be adjusted in freight at the time of billing. An acknowledgement from Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd is sent mentioning the receipt of indent document and the deposit fee.

Receipt of Cargo

As soon as the indenting procedure is completed, Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd will intimate the client about the exact date and time for collection of cargo by way of a document known as ‘Intimation for receipt of cargo’. Customer will ensure that all packing conditions are satisfied before handing over the cargo to Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd. The cargo will be collected at the specified point depending upon the type of requested service.

Customer will give complete details of the cargo through a document known as ‘Goods Forwarding Note (GFN)’. GFN is a pre-printed form and is supplied to customer at the time of booking of goods. Customer is obliged to declare the type and nature of goods, number of packages, Container wise, package wise details of cargo and weight, date of stuffing, Full addresses of both the booking customer and also the destined person / entity, type of desired service and mode of payment, signature and seal of the customer.

On the basis of details provide on GFN, Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd will prepare a document known as ‘Container Load Plan (CLP)’, which contains the details mentioned on GFN by the customer presented in a structured form and is basically a declaration of the client with respect to the goods. Customer will sign this under their seal.

Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd will issue a receipt known as ‘Inland Way Bill (IWB)’, after receiving goods for carriage. A copy of the CLP is also given to Customer for reference and checking at the time of delivery of cargo. The customer shall present IWB at the time of delivery along with their endorsement for receipt of goods at the destination intact.

Collection of documents

Customer will deliver the following documents along with the Cargo to Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt. Ltd:

Goods Forwarding Note (GFN)
Container Load Plan (CLP)
Invoice for Goods
List of Packets (also known as packing list)
Road Transport Permit (for domestic cargo)
Shipping Bill (for EXIM traffic)

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