The founder P venkataraman obtained customs broker licence in his name during 1949

In 1962 the company became partnership firm with inclusion of Mr Mythreyan and was performing in the name and style of Asiatic Shipping & Clearing Agency till 1983

The comapny became private ltd due to sudden demise of Mr Mythreyan and with the new constitution the company became PVT LTD and started functioning in the name and style as Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Pvt Ltd

The Business and the strength of the comapny is growing year by year and are doing well

The comapny has started doing freight forwarding for its clients particulary with respect to imports from anywhere by having good tieups with selected forwarders from 2009 and giving its best to the existing clients.

Help Desk

Help Desk Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency’s help desk services.

a) Multi-window clearance service for client’s global users.
b) Consolidation and standardization of operations and processes.
c) 24x7 multi-lingual, multi-channel support.
d) Consistently high ratings; standardized customer experience.
e) Integrated end-to-end areas to provide technical support.
f) Service enhancement with keen vision.

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