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Legal Notice The following regulations apply to Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency. and to its subsidiaries ("Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency").

Use of websites, product liability

The information on these websites is not binding and is provided exclusively for information purposes. It is only of an informative nature and does not represent offers as defined in the relevant legal regulations. More detailed information and contract terms can be obtained from the relevant authorized dealer. It is not possible for a contract relating to goods presented to arise on the basis of the information contained on the website.

The information on these websites and the products and services described in it may be modified or updated by Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency at any time without prior notice. Unless expressly stated elsewhere, Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Websites contain no guarantees or information about characteristics whatsoever giving rise to liability on the part of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency., either expressly or by implication, including with respect to the current validity, accuracy, completeness and quality of the information concerned.

Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency accepts no liability in connection with its websites. Liability for any direct or indirect loss/damage, claims for compensation and/or consequential damage of whatever kind and whatever the legal basis, suffered as a result of your accessing or using the websites, in particular including the infection of your computer environment with viruses, is hereby excluded.

The existence and fulfillment of obligations and Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency Liability for Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency products and services are exclusively governed by the respective contractual agreements concluded with regard to them in conjunction with the current version of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency standard terms and conditions applicable in each case.

Recording and processing of data

Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency only stores personal data relating to users of its websites if consent for this has been given. The only data which is stored relates to the date and time of the visit, the sites visited, the name of the Internet service provider concerned and that of the website from which the user accessed the Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency websites. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency uses this information to measure website activity, to produce statistics and to improve the services and information provided via the websites. Personal data relating to users for whose utilization they have given their permission is only used for the processing of enquiries or for the purpose for which consent was given, in compliance with the relevant data protection law rules. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency will never supply such data to other companies for their independent use. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency will not supply any company with data (personal or non-personal) for independent use.


When you visit our website, information can be stored on your computer in the form of cookies. Such cookies are used solely for the purpose of optimum website design. You can choose not to accept these cookies in your browser settings. Please note, however, that several functions may then not be available.

Right to information

On application, you are entitled to receive free of charge information about the personal data relating to you which has been stored. You are also entitled to have data corrected, blocked or deleted. If you have an question about this, please contact our Data Protection Office Email:

If you access sites or files from within our websites and are requested to enter information about yourself, please note that such data is transmitted through the Internet in an unsecured form and could therefore be accessed and manipulated by unauthorized third parties.

Links to other websites

Links to websites operated by third parties are provided as an additional service to you. Such websites are completely independent and beyond Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency control. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency is not liable for the content of any of these third-party websites which you may access via Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency websites, and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content, the compliance with data protection rules or the usage of such websites.

Worldwide product availability

This website may contain information about Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency products which are not yet available in your country. The presence of such information on this website does not imply an intention on the part of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency to announce that the product will be made available all over the world. Please ask your Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency dealer or representative for more information about future plans for products which are not yet available to you.

Trademarks and copyright

The trademarks and logos ("trademarks") to be seen on these websites are the property of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency or its subsidiaries. None of the information on these websites is to be interpreted as granting licenses or permission to use trademarks. For this, the express written consent of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency is required. The unauthorized use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency will assert its intellectual property rights all over the world subject to the laws applicable in each case.

Copyright © 2013 Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency. All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, animations, videos, music, sounds and other materials on these websites are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency and its subsidiaries. Oriental Shipping & Clearing Agency owns the copyright for the selection, coordination and arrangement of the materials on this website. These materials may not be copied for commercial use or distribution. Neither may they be modified or passed on to other websites.

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